70 Days and New Thoughts

Dear Readers,

As I think over
These last 70 days,
Part of my growth,
Has been in throwing away,
Old, limiting thoughts.

Those were the thoughts of

I can't.
Poor me.
I can't take this anymore.
I don't have enough.
No one likes me.
I need more.
This is too hard.
I'm bored.
Poor me again!

Now I will still have these thoughts,
From time to time, 
As I am only human.

But it is time to make 
New thoughts,
Ones that bring me freedom.

I can do things, one baby step at a time.
I have all that I need.
I am loved.
I have strength.
I have much to give.
I have many talents.
I am loved! 

As I add to these new thoughts,
I am always aware,
That while I was drinking,
I couldn't see the new.
I was stuck in the old.

Time to move on!


  1. Your positive attitude about the growth you've achieved is so inspiring and sincere- thank you so much for sharing. Love reading your older posts! <3

    1. When I re-read my early writing, I seem to sound so simple!


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