Date Night

Dear Readers,
Friday night, my Loved One and I went out to a jazz club.
We listened to some great live music.
We had a wonderful time. In fact, it was a better time than when I was drinking.
In the past, I would have had some wine before we went out. Then I'd try not to hog the whole bottle of wine while we were eating or listening to music. 
Many times I would be drunk.
I wouldn't be concentrating on the event, or even my Loved One.
The whole night would have been planned around drinking.

Here's the cool thing about this date night.
I didn't want anything to drink.
This was a first for me.

I didn't feel bad, or sorry for myself.
I didn't waste a moment wishing I was a "normie".
In fact, I was quite happy I would wake up sober.
I was happy I wasn't tired and all foggy from drinking.
I truly never thought I could get to this point.

It really is better.
Peace and Hugs to all of my friends in recovery.


  1. Awesome, just awesome!! Isn't it great when you hit sobriety on all cylinders?

  2. that is great news. you deserve the rewards of sobriety

  3. So glad to hear this. So happy for you!!!

  4. That sounds wonderful ;). Isn't it sad how much mental space the booze consumed? Spending so much time worrying about when and how much and where...ugh! Lori K

  5. Hi sweetie, beautiful and powerful blog sharing the msg of recovery and love, especially for the self. Love u lady Jessica

    1. Thank you for helping me on my journey, Jessica!!


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