Being Flexible

Dear Readers,
I decided I need to be sure I stay flexible with my new habits plan.
(Well, partly because I am failing the phone-checking part!)
But I AM happy to report that I:
1. Got ready to leave the house in 30 minutes today.
2. Got to yoga.
3. Have been able to limit TV to 4 hours or less.
4. Met a yoga buddy for lunch and have three more coffee dates set up.
5. Going to a meeting with a person I met in blog-land.
6. Ate lots of ice cream! (OK, not on my plan!)

I just want to be sure I don't get too rigid, or get mad at myself if I don't do this perfectly.
One week I might have three social events, and the next week none.
One day, I can stop checking my phone, all the time, the next day I can't.

Life is not perfectly balanced each day. 
(As My Loved One often reminds me.)
Life is high, low, up down, busy, slow.
I can't meet life being rigid.
I have to stay flexible. 


  1. flexible AND sober. all good!
    yay, meeting a sober blogging person. how exciting. let us know

    1. Hi Lisa!
      I think I can be more flexible when I sober!


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