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Why Did I Stop Drinking

Dear Readers,
So many people struggle with trying to stop drinking.
I was one of them.
It took me several years to first come to the acceptance I had to stop, and then trying to stop.
This was not easy.
Below is my story. It might be similar to your story.
I am sharing it in hopes it might help someone today. 
I have been sober since September 4, 2014.

I never thought I would grow up and develop a drinking problem.
I was an average Midwest girl who loved riding her bike, hanging out with friends, and reading. I didn’t start to drink early in life. In fact, I didn’t drink until I was 20. But when I did drink, it was a lot. I was a binge drinker from the very start.
There were alcoholics in the family, but I didn’t know that at the time. My mother’s sisters, my father, and my grandfather, all had drinking problems.
I didn’t have an easy life health wise. I suspect that some of my problems with drinking were a result of not knowing or learning how to cope with these issues. I developed depression and a…

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