Coffee Shops vs Bars

Dear Readers,
Coffee shop people need to UNPLUG!
(I'm writing this IN a coffee shop, mind you! LOL)
A few people meet that know each other and are talking,
But MOST others are on phones, laptops, etc.
Everyone is studying or something.

Now when I was drinking and going to bars,
It was WAY more fun in this regard.
I could make conversation with people around me.
The bartenders would talk about things with me.

I know they weren't friends, but I do wish
Coffee shops could be a little more 
Like bars that way.
Maybe I haven't found a social coffee shop.

I did find a nice young girl who helped me get on the wireless!
(I had to get her off her laptop in order to help me with mine!)
We had a 30 second conversation!
It's a start!!


  1. Coffee shops in other countries are more social.


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