Dear Readers,
This is a tool that helps me 
Every single minute
Of my day.

I am so grateful that I did NOT drink yesterday!
34 days today! 
Up with the sun.
Clear headed.

Drinking made me complain about my life.
I have a great life.
It's a life that is mine to make and 
Even with stuff that is not so fun.

I have a house. a husband, a car, friends,
Clothes, …you get the picture.

Yes, I have problems.
But I choose to find a way to change my thinking about them.


  1. Dear Tipsy,
    I will try to be grateful today!
    Thank you!

  2. Hey, so I love what you are posting! it is so cool to see such honesty, it is by bringing our thoughts (including our fears) into the light that the dark side has no power over them... really proud of you ! I will be sure to check here regularly as i can get caught up in my own issues pretty easy... hope you will forgive me for not being more regular.. love you lots :)


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