No More Hiding (Being Honest)

Dear Readers,

I did NOT sleep last night!
Walked around the house crunching

Found a trail of crumbs in the hallway,
An empty bowl in the bathroom,
The bag in the kitchen.

When drinking took over my life,
I was hiding (and drinking), 
Little bottles all over the house.

The next day
I would scurry around looking for them.
I'd find one in my purse,
One in my yoga bag,
One in my guitar case,
On the bookcase,
Under a chair.

Now, being honest when I was drinking too much,
Was a hard thing.
I didn't want anyone to
Shame me.
Lord knows,
I shamed myself enough.

I didn't want to face the truth.

Now, how freeing is
If all I have is a trail of chips,
I'll be okay.


  1. I really love this post!

  2. Reading through all of this is heartbreaking and heartwarming - you are like a little honest mouse. With a massive brave heart.
    Crunching chips all alone in the night (loved ones asleep)
    Good for you Wendy
    M xx

    1. I love this post.
      Thank you for reading it, Michelle!
      I still eat chips in the night when I can't sleep!!


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