I Could Find Lots of Ways To Escape

Dear Readers,

I could shop too much,
Or eat too much,
Or not eat enough,
Or smoke (although I don't know how),
Or watch TV all day, (well I did today because of my cold),
Or play on-line games too much,
Or do anything too much,
To escape my feelings, or life, or whatever.

I know there will be days I feel good, and days not so good.
I know there will be days I might choose to watch a little more TV.

But when it becomes a pattern, a habit, or the ONLY way I cope with life,
I know I am in trouble.
I can't run away from stress, anxiety, bad news, good news, sickness, life.

It's a messy thing, this life.
But it's my messy life!


  1. But how do you cope with the messes? Sometimes I just don't have the strength. I'm so tired of trying. I know everyone has troubles in their life and reading about their struggles and victories helps give me hope when I need it. What helps you say no?

  2. Dear Reader,
    Coping with messes is never easy.
    I had a lot of them.
    I had to say I'm sorry to people, and am I really working hard to change myself.
    It took me years to say no.
    I had to reach out to real people for help.
    Just trying by myself did not work.
    I had to have accountability.
    That being said,
    It's a tricky thing.
    I've only been sober for 40 days.
    Today, just this one day,
    I will not drink.


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