7 Months and a Birthday Party

Dear Readers,
This weekend some of my family and I celebrated my mother's 90th birthday.
It meant a bit of organizing and traveling, but not too much.
My mother is independent, living by herself in her own house.
She is a musician and still plays her violin for music clubs.
Quite amazing!

My sister and I, and our husbands, came to our mother's the night before and we all went out to dinner. We had a great time, talking, laughing, and reminiscing. Nobody drank. 

The party was just right. It was at lunchtime in my mother's home. Many of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren were able to come. It wasn't fancy, just a gathering of people who love her.
Nobody brought or drank alcohol. 

In the past, things would have been different. I would have had wine the night before. I would have been sure we had champagne and wine at the party. Of course, I would be the one who almost always had too much. I am often anxious at parties, even with people I know and love. I used to think drinking helped me loosen up. But most of the time I just got too loud, trying to be cute or overly funny. 

Now, I am the only one at this party who is not drinking anymore, but I was so grateful that my family did not bring anything to drink, not because of me, but for the overall party. It was calm, happy and fun. We were great role models for all the children present. No one was driving after drinking.

After everyone left, my husband and I stayed for another night. In the past, I'd still be drinking. 
I would feel icky, be sloppy, maybe get mad about something. Instead, we went for a walk, helped my mother with her computer, and ended the night just being content.

All of this proves to me once again, it is not only possible to be sober at a party, it can be good. 

So at 7 months today, I can say, I am happy I am not drinking.


  1. Wendy, it sounds like a lovely party! How great to see the difference not drinking makes in these events. Hooray you! And congrats on 7 months, too! xo

    1. Dear Thirsty,
      Thank you!
      I am still learning what it really means to celebrate something!

  2. Wendy that sounds just lovely...
    Spending some time, really being with your friends and family. Just perfect

    x Claire

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  4. Hi Wendy
    AMAZING. sounds super fantastic, and what great role models indeed. your mother sounds like quite a remarkable woman. wow.
    sober really does rock doesnt it.

  5. What a wonderful trip and you are so blessed to have your mom so vital at this age.

    Isn't it funny when you realize how much you drank and how much everyone else really doesn't? That amazed me.

    That and figuring out that fun is possible sober. Who knew?


    1. Dear Sherry,
      I hope I can be as strong as my mom when I'm 90!

  6. Happy 7 months! Awesome! I'm so happy you had some nice, sober time with your Mom and your family, and a great example for the children! Lori K

  7. It's not it interesting how by leaving something out (booze) everything become much more full? and so much easier.



    1. I have to say, this was the first time I felt happy at a party! You are right! It was more full!
      Thank you, Anne!

  8. Hi Wendy!
    That sounds lovely, happy birthday to your mother and well done to you for 7 months! That's a long time and something to be proud of! So glad you had a good time celebrating alchol-free, and that you have such a caring family to support you by not encouraging it. Well done ;)


    1. It's something I need to remember! I have a very caring family!
      Thank you, Francis!

  9. Great post! It is great to hear about you finding contentment in events and gatherings without alcohol. :)

    1. Dear WCM,
      After years of alcohol soaked celebrations, there was no drama or overreacting to things!

  10. Woah! 90th birthday? It is a big thing. This would have been a grand celebration. It is a simple cake but looks really tempting. I am baking this year for my grandpa. We have booked his favorite event venue Atlanta for the dinner party where everybody is going to be available.


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