Dear Readers:
(A post op post. As dictated to Mr. Un-Tipsy)
I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that my eye operation went very well.  I saw my doctor today for my post operation exam and he was very pleased with the results.  As soon as I get my new glasses I'll be able to type, post and drive again.   

Thank you for all of your good wishes and kind thoughts.  

With a new eye on Day 455.


  1. Hi Wendy, first time commenter, long time reader. The news that your eye op went well has made my day, I am so pleased for you! Your blogs and comments on other people's blogs are always so positive and supportive. 51 days sober here, thanks for sharing and helping.
    Miss Meg

    1. Hi Miss Meg!
      Thank you for your comment!
      I love comments!
      51 days is awesome!!

  2. Wonderful news! Thank Mr Untipsy for keeping us posted. I'm so glad the surgery went well, follow the doc's orders and take care! xx

  3. Hi Wendy!
    So happy for this update! Been thinking about you! Can't wait to see your new eye!! xo Get up....
    Sober Mommy

  4. Good to hear - and Mr TNM makes an excellent secretary! Xx

  5. Great news. I was wondering about you the other day as I remembered about your eye op. Thank you for the update.

  6. Awesome Wendy :) Rest up and I'll happily wait you return xx

  7. So sweet of you to update us! Thank you!

    Now rest and take care of yourself. Plenty of time to fill us in later.

    Love and hugs,

  8. Hi Wendy,
    This is very good news! I am happy for you!!!!!!! :-) <3

    Sending hugs and love and healing thoughts,

    xx, Feeling

  9. Wendy, that's such fantastic news! Wishing you all the best as you heal. xo

  10. Hi Wendy, that's wonderful news about your eye op! I am so happy for you. Thanks for letting us know. I've been thinking of you, A x


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