Nothing Much on Friday Afternoon

Dear Readers,
Just because I have nothing to say, doesn't mean I will stop talking!
So, I will bore you with a few random thoughts again!

I subbed for Pre K yesterday, and my poor body is ready to revolt. 
I had so much fun, though. I taught the kids a really cool yoga story that I made up. We acted it out together. They loved it. That age group is a riot. 

I got this note from my Loved One today.
Guess I'd better get going on that! 
He makes me laugh!
I think helping people laugh is a beautiful way to help them heal!
In fact, I think it is underused in recovery. It is well documented that people heal from illnesses by laughing more. I don't see why the same thing can't be applied to addictions!

This morning I got up early, by mistake, (LOL), and so went for a walk around a small park by my house. 
It is a little hidden treasure.
The trees were so green, and because it had rained, things were quiet and peaceful.
Because we don't have many months of green in this state, I so love it when our trees turn green.

Then I kind of went into a not moving mode. 
(I AM an owl, so getting up early does not help me get more done!)
I was supposed to clean the house, as my dust bunnies are as big as tumbleweeds!
But that didn't happen.
At least I started the laundry!
And made the bed.
So in my book, things are good.

It was a good week. I made sure I had people time and me time.
Apparently, I need to make more hubby time!
So with that, I bid you so long for now.
On Day 253


  1. Hi Wendy,
    I like the sound of your park. I like hidden treasures!
    I too an a night owl and when I get up earlier I just spend more time on the computer and don't shower till late and the day is wasted anyway. SO frustrating! How I would love to be a morning person!
    A x

    1. Me too, Angie!
      I need my 10 hours of sleep!

  2. i am curious to know how you get up 'early by mistake'?
    anyway, sounds like a perfect day!
    thanks for your comment today, i infact picked up my book and did a bit of reading on your advice.

    1. I think I meant, I woke up too early! I wanted to sleep longer. I was dragging!
      I love sleep!!

  3. Ha Ha I'm reading this after I woke up a little earlier than usual this Saturday morning ;) Kiss that hubby and have a great weekend! Lori K

    1. I guess I better!
      I hope you sleep well tonight!

  4. I am not an owl. I go to bed quite early, and I looove to sleep. Especially when I am not drinking. :) I am definitely not a morning person.
    A walk in the park sounds great. It can be a meditative experience on its own.

    1. I slept until 9:30 today!
      It's cold and rainy.
      So glad I finally get to sleep in!

  5. I hope you got to task one!
    He sounds lovely!

    xx Claire

  6. This is so lovely.

    That's all.


  7. I love that note. He sounds like top bloke! Hugs SM x


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