Who Is Your Hero?

Dear Readers,
Sometimes I wonder what to write, after having been blogging over a year.  But then I remember that writing this blog not only has helped me stop drinking, it might help someone else, too. At least that is my hope.
It's also healing. By writing down my thoughts, I have to clarify them, and sometimes I realize how mixed up all my thoughts are.
I don't have to have great words of wisdom, although I'd like to be able to write an occasional gold nugget here and there. 

I was looking back over my old posts, and came across this one I called, 
Be The Hero of Your Story:
Dear Readers,
I heard this on Dr. Phil. 
(I know. But I am retired!)

I love stories with a hero.

A person who saves the day.
Rescues the princess (or prince).
Who frees the animals from cages.

So, who is my hero?

It can ONLY be me.
I am the only person who can save me from 
Drinking too much.

I can get help from everyone,

I can get support and love,
But in the end,

It is me 

Who chooses to use that support and love.

Who chooses to take that help,
Who choses not to take that drink,
Who chooses to fight, 
To save me.

For some reason this one spoke to me today.
I have to laugh a little bit at my early writing, as it seems so simple to me now.
But, I am very proud of myself for continuing to blog.

I have to be responsible for taking care of myself and my life.
As soon as I see myself as a victim, I am on the losing side of a battle.
I certainly didn't pick having problems with alcohol, but I can't ever play the "poor me" card. Ever.
The way I was headed would have meant losing my dear husband.
I would have gotten at least one DUI.
I would have had financial troubles.
I would have ended up in the ER room again.

Today, I am trying to choose to see only what I have gained, what I have, and what I love.
Most of the times I succeed.
That's all I can ask of myself.

With Wonder Woman, On Day 420


  1. You have many reasons to be proud of yourself, Wendy! Love what you said about only we can be our hero. xx

  2. Yes. If we can't rescue ourselves, no one can.

    1. We are given tools. Then of course, we need to use them!

  3. Be fiercely proud Wendy - you earned it and deserved it! Reading Brene Brown's Rising Strong and boy is it good xx

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Too tired here for many words but that is indeed a beautiful poem. Who chooses to fight, to save me. :-) That choice, and then the maintenance of the choice. :-) <3
    xx, Feeling

    1. Thank you, Feeling!
      I wrote it, but the title came from Dr. Phil.
      I hope you sleep well tonight!

  5. I'm so glad you write. You have a unique voice that soothes me and makes me smile. I would be sad not to see your blog pop up in my reader.

    If you're Wonder Woman can I be Xena, Warrior Princess?


    1. Oh! I love Xena!!
      You can!!
      Thank you for your kind words, Sherry!!

  6. You certainly are Wonder Woman and you deserve to be very proud of yourself x

  7. This is so true. Only we can save ourselves. I believe we need to stop giving up control over our happiness and take responsibility for it. I love reading my old post and like you I see an evolution in my writing. It's satisfying to know my writing is paying off and I'm getting better at it. :)


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