My Dear Husband

Dear Readers,

I heard this on Dr. Phil too!
(Yikes! Does that tell you something?)

"Don't put the people you love the most
On the bottom of your list."

Wow. That spoke to me loud and clear.

When I was drinking,
I put my Loved One,
Last on my list.

It was only the drink,
That came first.
It was only the bartender.
It was only the dark rooms.
It was only my drinking buddies (whom I love!)
That came first.

Dinner was waiting at home.
Warm lights.
A hug and a kiss.

But I put that last.

Now that I am working on taking good care of myself,
I am putting people I love the most
On top of that list.

That includes me.


  1. Your struggle is beautifully expressed. So honest! You are going to do this!!


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