Reaching Out

Dear Readers,
There is something so powerful that happens,
When a person reaches out to help you.

It's why I need to hear stories of other people
Who have quit drinking,
Or trying to quit.
I learn from those stories.

I learn life is not easy,
But no amount of alcohol will make it better.

I learn there is another way,
And that I can make it,  just like they did.

No matter where I go,
I am finding people who have made this positive
Change in their lives.

My daily thought?
Who can I help today?


  1. Reaching out isn't always easy. You don't know if that person is ready for help or how to offer that help without hurting or angering them. I guess just letting them know you're there is all you can do and you hope it's enough. Quitting is a hard struggle and we can all use some help.

  2. I agree! Thank you. That's what helped me too.
    Just knowing I could go to a person and ask for help!


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