Feel The Fear, But Do It Anyway!!

Dear Reader,

I saw this someplace,
A book,
A post,
And how true it is
For me.

I am so much stronger
Than I think!
Everyone else
Can see my strength.
It is time for me to see it.

The funny thing is,
I do the scary things,
Just yelling and screaming
The whole time!


Makes me feel better.
(My Loved One has to suffer, however!)

When I first tried to get sober,
It was very scary.
I kept trying and failing.
Kept yelling, crying,
"I can't do this!"

And then,
One day,
One magical day,
I kept going.

If I can get through 
The fear?
The coolest things happen!


  1. I want to get sober, but I don't think I can do it.

  2. I thought that way at first too.
    And it does take time.
    But I am seeing the "good side" of being sober.
    You can do it!


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