Day 159

Dear Readers,
A Place of Peace
I realized the other day, when I was at a function where there was water and wine to drink, that I felt normal. I felt at peace. I didn't have any urges. I didn't care what I had to drink. I poured water into a wine glass, but that was only because it was easier to carry.
I put it down and ended up just talking, laughing, and enjoying the get together.

It felt awesome.
There are no words to express the freedom I am feeling.
I am not fighting myself anymore.
I am not romancing the drink.
I am not feeling sorry for myself.

Instead I have joy.
I choose not to drink the first drink.
I choose happiness.
I choose a way of life I was meant to live, fully here.

It took me awhile to get to this mindset, but in any case I like it!
I think I'll keep it for awhile!

Peace and Hugs,


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