How Much Do You Drink?

Dear Readers,
How much do you think you drink compared to other Americans?
This short article and graph I found from the Washington Post are very interesting.
How Much Do You Drink?
When I was drinking, I fell around the 9th percentile drinking anywhere from 12 to 20 drinks a week, often as binge drinking. (Defined as 4 or more drinks for women in 2 hours.) 
I find it fascinating to see how 10% to 20% of the population accounts for majority of alcohol sales.
The author makes a point that the alcohol industry needs alcoholics.
The bad news is, alcohol issues cause all sorts of problems for everyone in the US.
We don't need accidents, deaths, ER visits, family heartache, domestic abuse, sexual abuse,  money lost, and all the other bad things that happens because of alcohol abuse.
(See my post on Binge Drinking)
The book recommended sounds good. It's called, Paying the Tab: The Cost and Benefit of Alcohol Control, by Phillip J. Cook. 

I am happy I am not drinking today.


  1. 4 or more drinks in 2 hours? Yikes. When I was drinking, I reckon I had 4 or more drinks in half an hour. Thanks for this interesting post. Scary statistics! Annie x


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