Less Healthy Habits

Dear Readers,
I want to work on changing my less healthy habits to better ones.
Ever since my cochlear implant operation, I have slipped into some habits I'd like to slip out of!
The not so healthy habits I have fallen into are:

1. Sleeping too long - 10 hours a day 
2. Isolation
3. Phone Checking - looking at FB, e-mail, playing games
4. Too much TV - Dr. Phil…really????
5. Eating Crackers all day

Before I beat myself up too much, let's look at my good habits!

1. Yoga classes 3 times a week
2. Walk 3 times a week with hubby
3. Blogging about recovery
4. Not drinking

I was going to several meetings a week, but have gotten into the habit of not going to any, or just random hit and miss.

I googled how to break habits, and of course I already know how to do it.
The hard part is taking action.

Do I try to break all at one time?
A little bit of each at a time?
Take just one?

When I stopped drinking, one thing that helped me was the accountability. I had my sponsor, my meetings, my friends, my family and my blog world to hold me up. (Still do!)

Can I add a piece of accountability to these other habits?
I am going to think about this.
Tomorrow I see my wonderful therapist.
Maybe ALL of YOU can help me!!!
I sure do I need it!!


  1. Please, don't beat yourself up too much! You have been thru a lot, with the implant and NOT DRINKING! That's huge! I guess what I mean to say is don't get too stressed about changing your bad habits...you're doing great. I love reading your posts :-) Lori K

    1. Hi Lori!
      You are right!
      I need 10 hrs sleep, crackers are ok.
      I think the isolation is the only thing I want to work on!
      Part 2 later!!!

  2. 10 hours a day seems perfect! I'm addicted to my phone too so I can't help you there...lol. I LOVE Dr. Phil :) Let's start with the crackers, slip in a carrot once in a while?

    In all seriousness, you are doing SO well.

    1. Dear TMSN,
      Yes, you are right too.
      A carrot is good!

  3. Aahheem. I will repeat above. Ease up sweety, its all good. Chillax will you.

    1. I agree with you Lisa!!
      I made a better plan today!!
      I might make it even easier!!


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