Dear Readers,

I am still learning how "hear" with my new cochlear implant. Much of what I hear still sounds like noise! Music especially, is hard for me to understand. To re-train my brain, I have been listening to music non-stop and it slowly is making some sense to me. 

Really, that is the same way I am learning not to drink. I am re-training my brain to think differently. Wolfie, (Thank you, Belle), wanted me to think the ONLY way to cope with life was drinking. Wolfie made a LOT of noise in my head! 

What is my brain learning?

I am learning to let go of things I really have no control over. 
(This is MOST things in life!)
I am learning to calm the anxiety with mantras, yoga, prayer, and mediation.
I am learning to take care of myself. 
I am learning to talk to people before I get all wigged out over something!
I am learning the world does not revolve around me! 
I am learning most things in life take time. (This is a hard one for me!)
I am learning I don't need to do everything at a breakneck speed. A walk is ok.
I am learning I don't need to "be" anymore than I am right here, writing this. 
I am learning there is no perfect.
I am learning A LOT MORE, and when I think of them, I'll tell you!

But as I go through each sober day, this one thing is clear;
I am learning to make music where once there was noise.


  1. oh, that was a truly lovely Post. thankyou!
    hugs from nz

  2. Wow, cochlear implant? That's fascinating. How awesome for you. And only recently? Did you go from not being able to hear to being able to hear?

    1. It's crazy! Sounds so different! I was always hard of hearing in both ears, but still had about 60% in both ears with hearing aids. Then about 3 years ago I went to 50% in one ear and 15% in the other. Made life real hard and isolating. So...I decided to be brave. YIKES! It was/is a very hard process. I am hearing speech now! But it's different...like hearing the chipmunks!! Lol unfortunately music is not understandable much. I'm working on that because I love to sing and play guitar!!
      Thank you for your support in not drinking!!
      I'm on day 96!

  3. Beautiful!! May you hear all the music of life!!!


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