Me Making Me Laugh!

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I think I am so funny! (My Loved One just doesn't always think so. LOL) That's okay. I think a person must make themselves laugh. As I go through my day, I think of things in a strange way, my way, and in doing so, I am happy.

On this journey of learning who I am, without numbing myself with alcohol, I see things more clearly. I see things with love, with grace. I see things with a calm joy. Not a jumping around joy, but a steady joy. 

I wonder if part of my drinking problem was a part of my "high, low" personality. I tend to be in a sprint or crashed. Learning to be in the middle is a bit tricky. I like the rush of the high and hate the low. The middle always seemed boring. Drinking helped fuel the "high".

Now I am slowly learning a different pace. It's a good one. The middle is becoming nice. It's peaceful. This is the quiet joy. It's in this place I laugh! 


  1. Yes sometimes I crack my self up! I can totally relate to what you say about the highs and lows. Loved the high from the wine but the lows were just getting too low.

  2. That's for sure! Lows from drinking are not worth it!
    Thank you for your comment!!

  3. agree, isn't it a peaceful place to be.
    the ends of the emotional spectrum are lopped off for me now, and I enjoy the space inbetween SO MUCH MORE.
    peace to you
    hugs from nz


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