Twinkle Lights and Lovely Nights

Dear Readers,

My Loved One is putting up lights around the banister, inside and outside, so we have twinkle lights!

He let me sleep until 9:30 day, fed me donuts, and coffee!
I am such a lucky girl!

I decided last minute to get tickets to see the Christmas Carol tonight. We used to go to plays before my hearing went bad. So tonight is another test of my implant! I am so hopeful. 

Going out to a play means we will go out to dinner.
In the past, I'd have several drinks with dinner, then another one or two before the play, maybe one during the intermission, and then of course I'd fall asleep.

But not this time.
THIS time,
I will focus on the beauty of good food, a pretty dress.
I will focus on what I can hear.
I will focus on the love of my Loved One.

It really is all about gratitude. 
Tonight I will see the twinkle lights,
And tomorrow morning?
I'll be so happy to wake up sober.

(Even at 11:00! LOL)


  1. Can't get my husband to put up lights for me ;-) . Enjoy the play and your special evening, especially waking up in the morning without a hangover :-) Lori K

    1. Lori,
      I woke up feeling great!
      What a great feeling!
      We had so much fun!

  2. Sounds like a great night! How was the play? Were you able to hear it? 9:30, donuts and coffee...yes you are a lucky girl and I'm so glad :)

    1. TMSN,
      The play was The Christmas Carol.
      I heard a lot!
      We ate at a great place, and I had water with dinner.
      I'm liking water with dinner, as it seems I can taste the food better.
      My dress was awesome!

  3. hi
    I hope you had a nice evening appreciating all that was on offer.
    hugs from nz

  4. Lisa,
    It was really fun!
    I heard a lot!
    And I looked hot!!
    Hugs Back!

  5. I would love to sleep until 9:30, one day I will. Hope you enjoyed the play (and the food)

    1. We had so much fun!
      It's been so dark and dreary here! No sun for 2 weeks!
      The play and food were great!
      Thank you!


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