Dear Readers,

I read this someplace on-line: It's called the

Problem of


When I was drinking, I couldn't wait for a drink. "I need wine and I need it now!" 
Like a little kid throwing a tantrum. If I couldn't get it, I'd sometimes sulk. If we were out shopping, I would want to stop for a drink in the late afternoon. My Loved One would say, "Just wait."  But I wanted a drink right then and there. 

Now that I am NOT drinking, I realize just how much alcohol had taken over my self-control. Just the thought of not getting it made me feel almost frantic. 

PIG used to carry over to other parts of my life too, like shopping. Oh, but I NEED to buy those 5 pairs of shoes, 2 handbags, makeup, earrings,…well you get the idea. 

But as I am growing up, (it's NEVER to late), I now know I can wait. I am discovering waiting is kind of nice. It's relaxing to not feel the rush to drink, buy, have, do everything right now. 

I AM hoping now this carries over to Candy Crush. My Loved One hopes that too! 
But one thing at a time, and a little candy never hurt anyone!


  1. Never got hooked on Candy Crush and shan't go looking! :)

    1. I'm thinking I might have to take it off my phone!

  2. AHHH Candy Crush. Just another of my lovely addictions. Don't do anything rash and take it off of your phone!! In fact I feel that there is candy I must crush now...yes I think I understand this PIG you speak of!

    1. Ok. I won't do anything rash. I do love finding the gummy bears. Good thing I don't like to gamble!

  3. Hi
    once we calm ourselves, the anxiety abates and the need for instant gratification subsides. find it in the simple things now like the blooming roses in someones garden or a sunset.
    thanks for stopping by my post. meditation is a great soothing tool. I wrote about it more in my Post at www.stopfryingyourbrain.com
    hugs from nz

    1. Lisa,
      I'm trying to ask myself what do I REALLY need? It's hard sometimes, but easier now that I have some sober time!

  4. I am the same. I want everything now, and I will wait to 'later' to be good. I did this with wine and have always done it with food. Hopefully I can learn to stop this behaviour one day.

    1. Well, I sure am still learning!
      I think I might always have to be conscious of it, be aware it's popping up. Even now, I want to buy a new dress that I don't need. So, recognizing it is a beginning!!


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