All Will Be Well on Day 109

Dear Readers,

Here I sit in one of my favorite coffee shops, reading sober blogs, and writing mine.
Just came from my yoga practice, and feel relaxed.
I feel so relaxed, calm and centered right now.
I wish I could bottle up this feeling, carry it with me, pull it out when I get stressed,
And sprinkle it all over.

Maybe some people can keep this feeling, but I'm not there yet.

I can practice stopping my thoughts, however. So when I am in a tizzy, I can stop those thoughts, and tell myself, "All will be well." 
And things WILL be all right.
Things always turn out, even if they don't turn out how I wish them to be.

Soon I'll leave the shop, do a few errands, and go home to pick up the house. 
(The mess is all mine! LOL)
Christmas shoppers are out and things are a little crazy, 
It will be okay.

I wish you all peace.


  1. You know, I used to get obsessed with negative thoughts. And to be honest, I am not a negative person. Then I learned to just block those negative thoughts by saying "I am not thinking about this now." Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. :) On the side note - yoga is a great relaxation exercise. Much, much better than a bottle of wine.

    1. Anna,
      That's a good idea! I love my yoga practice! I got the house picked up!

  2. Replies
    1. Dear TMSN,
      I had a great day because I was able to carry this through! I amazed myself! Lol

  3. Wishing you peace, too, Untipsy! My house is a disaster as well, but it will get taken care of, eventually. I have gotten back into a regular yoga routine and it helps so much, breathing deeply and stretching these old muscles ;). Happy Day months for me tomorrow! Lori K xx

  4. Dear Lori,
    I need a better routine overall! I've been in a pattern of sleeping too long!
    Then I miss half the day! Yikes!
    I do love my yoga!!
    Thank you!


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