Change the Story

Dear Readers,

Today I had lunch with a dear friend. I noticed I was telling her one of my "grievance" stories.  This was a story where I felt hurt by someone. I have several grievance stories I keep alive by telling and retelling them to myself or anyone who will listen. Now after I tell her this story, I realize, I am feeling depressed. 

When I was drinking, I would tell my drinking buddies all my "poor me" stories. By the time I was through, my life looked miserable. Except, the alcohol was LYING to me. My life is good.

I have a choice. I can let go of grievances or I can take action. Either way, it's time to stop the retelling of stories that cannot be changed. Why would I want to keep hurting myself? They only hurt me. They only make me depressed, angry, or sad over and over again. 

Like a movie, "Nightmare on Groundhog Day". (LOL)


  1. Nightmare on Groundhog it. Great point, I also need to learn to let things go!

  2. Not always easy for me, but much easier now that I'm not drinking.

  3. living in the PRESENT is the only way to go. right here and now, not yesterday and not tomorrow.
    great you recognised it. well done.
    hugs from nz


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