A Little of This and a Little of That

Dear Readers,
It's SUNNY today!!!
The temperature is -1 degree with a -18 windchill!
Here is a picture of one of my coffee shops where I sometimes write my blog.

Today I went to one of my recovery meetings. I am lucky to live in a city where you never have to try to stop drinking on your own if you don't want to. I was so glad I went. It was a very positive meeting. People talked about the shift in their lives and thinking due to not drinking and of discovering a more spiritual way to live. Some people believe in God, others not.
But they all believe in mediation or prayer.
And ALL of them are so grateful to be sober.

Now, you can't beat that.

I was I AWE that I could actually hear them talking and reading without having to do tons of lip-reading! My implant is helping in this situation. I kept thinking, it was the first time I heard people read without having to look at the text! I was so happy! 

When I went to my therapist yesterday, we came up with a SMALL list of things for me to do.
I got one done, ordering a wake-up light!
Now I'm on to number two.
The trick is to find and look at the list! HA



  1. Interesting about meditation and a prayer. I have not try any of it. I am not a believer. So that takes care of a prayer. Meditation would be nice. But I think I get more benefit from running. It is almost like meditation for me. Clears my mind and I get a runner's high. :)
    The photo makes me drool. Literally!

    1. Running is awesome!
      I can only walk or do yoga!
      I have found the best places to write my blog!!

  2. That is a tasty looking photo ;). I'm so happy your implant is helping, I'm sure that has been a huge boost to your attitude and confidence while you're on this sober journey. I think meditation and prayer are very important. And yoga too :-) I'm working back into a regular routine, having been out of practice as my drinking got worse. It makes a difference! Lori K xx

    1. Hi Lori!
      Me too.
      Unfortunately, I go to my phone and check FB etc, before I meditate.
      Habits are hard to change!
      Peace and hugs!

  3. It's been really cold here too! So glad you are hearing better!!!

    1. I for one will be happy, happy, happy when it's spring!
      I know I should count my blessings even in the cold!
      Peace and hugs!

  4. Hi Tipsy! It's minus 1 where I am too (I'm on a trip, totally unaccustomed to freezing to death in 3 mins! Yikes,). Glad you had a good day 😄.



    1. Dear SR,
      I love the different seasons, but would love to live where I see the sun! I hope my wake up light helps!!
      Peace and hugs!

  5. I'm loving meditation and when I make the time to do it I really do see the benefits. I also think taking up exercise has been life changing.... I run and agree with Anna that it gives me some head space.

    Both of these pursuits seem to give me a little more distance between myself and my thoughts if that makes sense. I am not my thoughts! Sometimes my brain chucks up some crazy stuff xx

    Ps - Blog writing space looks lovely... Sun is such a heart warmer ;0)

  6. Dear Claire,
    You are so right. Excercise gives me life! Especially when I can walk outside. I love your line about distance between thoughts and self!
    Peace and hugs!

  7. Aww I've always wanted a wake-up light! Can you write another post letting us know if it was any good or not? I've always suspected that during the winter I start to feel really down because I don't get enough light in, apparently wake-up lights are meant to be great for that. Your blog is really nice by the way, enjoyed reading some of it.

    I don't know whether your into serious movies at all but one of my favourite films is called 'Flight', it won a bunch of awards and has alcoholism as a major topic in the film.

    Growing Positive

  8. Dear Growing Positive,
    Oh! I'll have to look that movie up!
    I'm hoping the light helps!
    Thank you for reading and commenting!
    Peace and Hugs


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