Living With Problems

Dear Readers,
I have problems.
Big and little problems, physical and emotional issues.

Each day, I have to face these problems and decide how I will live with them.
Some of them will be with me forever, and others are "fixable".

When I was drinking too much, I was sometimes trying to run away from my problems.
In doing so, my problems became bigger. And then, I added other problems to my list, caused by the drinking. 

The trick is, of course, how does one live with problems without trying to numb them away by drinking?

I think the first thing I need to remember is that problems are a part of life. 
By accepting that problems are part of life, I stop myself from making a problem seem overwhelming. 

Another thing I need to remember, is that problems take time to "fix". Sometimes I try a couple of things and when they don't seem to work, I just stop. 
It does take time and effort to help myself.

Then there is the possibility that the problem cannot be solved to the degree I want, so I must  learn to accept what I can. It might not be the "perfect" fix.
There are a few problems I will just have to live with. 

Maybe one way to look at it is, without the challenge of problems, life would be boring!
(Well, boring is okay too! LOL)


  1. Yeah. Life is full of "opportunities". At least without the booze we have a chance of finding the right solutions.
    4 months is awesome!


    1. Thank you! I Sometimes can't believe I made it, after trying so many times!

  2. I think alcohol is a temporary band aid to lifes problems. After a while it becomes the problem. I'm not sure how to live with problems without alcohol, I guess you just get used to it eventually. Or eat?

    1. Dear PDTG,
      I used to stress eat as well
      as drink.
      I think we must love ourselves to the ultimate degree to take care of ourselves.

  3. Did my comment just then work? I have a feeling they are not working?

  4. These are wise words about problems! Good luck with sorting yours out; drinking to numb them just pauses them (at best) doesn't it? Sometimes makes them worse.

    Thanks for your blog x

    1. Thank you, Libby!
      I'm so happy I'm not adding additional issues by drinking.

  5. Hi. Thanks for writing this! You are doing brilliantly. Unfortunately the human experience is to appreciate the good stuff by having bad 'stuff' too! You sound like a cool person
    hugs from nz

  6. Dear Lisa,
    I am kind of cool! Lol
    It is sunny here today! We never see the sun!
    I feel like a cat, basking away!

  7. You are doing great! We all have problems. It's called life, right? It is how we deal with problems that makes us who we are. I stopped drinking because I decided that drinking is not a way for me to deal with issues. It is raw and emotional and hard. But we all can do it!

    1. Yes, we can! One problem at a time! Lol
      Thank you, Anna!


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