Day 130

Dear Readers,
Today I am 130 days AF, or 18.5 weeks.
(Every .5 counts!)
We had SUN today!
That makes so much difference to me!
Went to yoga, got my hair done, did a little laundry, and even MADE THE BED!
I'm on a roll here!

My Loved One is making dinner, (he always makes dinner), while I am messing around on my computer.
So, all is well.
Warm and happy.


  1. That made me smile - what a cosy scene that sounds.
    Well done on the day count and on counting your blessings xxx

    1. Thank you, Claire!
      I'm choosing another day to be content!

  2. What a great picture. We had NO sun yesterday...just gloom. Happy day 130!


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